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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  September 10, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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explosion was treated today as a crime scene. of course they're looking for clues, anything that will help them determine what caused this massive explosion. now, guys, the statement that stuck in my mind made today was that he said despite this devastation, he said that if it could have been much worse. as horrific flames from last night gave way to morning daylight, damage became apparent. there was an incredibly large hole caused by the explosion that rocked this san bruno naibld. near -- neighborhood. a section of the 30 inch blown out pipeline lay on the ground. in the midst of devastation a flyover by firefighters revealed there were fewer homes destroyed than previously reported. >> there were 38 homes destroyed. seven had significant damage
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and there is other homes damaged. paint, siding and roof so forth that we didn't include. >> the millbrae fire chief says it could have been much worse. the 100 to 150 foot flames spread last night across this community. by noon, the fire was contained. pg&e was still trying to determine the cause without answering why some residents say they smelled gas days before the explosion. >> my sister approached my brother-in-law is z.said, honey i smell gas. you know? did you turn the barbecue off? he said yeah, i did. she said it smells like gas. other people in the neighborhood have been smelling this for about three weeks. >> right now we haven't got confirmation about thachl there are reports we're going back right this minute to try to confirm what those phone calls looked like and when he when they occurred. >> hundreds were forced to leave with homes with little on them. >> life is strange for a second, things are okay. in a matter of timing,
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everything, timing, i heard people were out walking. and they just -- they're gone. it's just where you are in that second. >> some managed to sneak into their homes in early morning hours. >> my house is still standing. there is damage to it. heat was tremendous. >> after that, he was not allowed back inside. neither were most residents waiting frustrated behind barricades. >> i just want to see my house. you know? if it's standing or not. >> only those whose homes were not threatened managed to gather some belongings. some neighbors knew which homes survived and told others. >> 1600 is gone. after 16 is okay? >> we're going to find out now. >> thanks, thanks. it's a miracle. >> he said it was a miracle his house was saved. power is being restored to
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this neighborhood. and it as been a very slow process. pg&e says that it has been trying to survey the integrity of that line. it's a met tick list process. as you heard there, people are anxious to return home now. one of our photographers is scheduled to take a tour of that area very soon. and as soon as we have those pictures we'll bring them to you. i'm live in san bruno abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> and now, here are the latest facts on the fire. four people were killed and 5 others hurt including eight suffering critical injuries. >> a man told abc 7 his daughter and granddaughter are among the dead. they're a 46-year-old and 14-year-old. >> authorities revised property damage after day break now saying 38 rorj than -- rather than 53 homes were destroyed. seven others sustained serious
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damage and 15 acres were burned. >> right now, officials are holding the third news conference of the day. right now updating the media. >> they're giving us latest they have trying to get crucial information out to victims. we're going to listen in for just a moment. this is christopher hart from ntsb. >> i will now take a few questions. >> okay. christopher hart has been asking for witnesses to come forward for the explosion. >> question is what was my assessment? it was amazing direction the charge trees and area that was completely flattened. melted charred cars and house that's disappeared and it was an amazing scene of destruction. >> were you wanting to talk to residents saying to many of the reporters here that they had smelled gas fumes in the past weeks? is that of interest to you? >> the question is will we be wanting to talk to residents
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reporting they smelled gas fumes? we'll want to talk to anyone who has information that is potentially per nent to this event. >> that is christopher harts of the national transportation safety board taking questions from the media. one of the things he wanted to know is asking for the public to come forward is there is nflgs f information there. have been reports of a smell of gas in the area. so they want information on that. >> yeah. we'll monitor that and continue to bring you updates if there is new information to be released. as dan talked about the federal investigation is underway. there are also state investigations underway as well z pg&e doesn't have answers yet as to how a terrible explosion could hachl i want to you take a look now from sky 7 looking like a bomb went off. some areas still smoldering. we are now in san bruno with more. heather? >> well this, he vac center has been hopping all day with people arriving to help. of course, people still
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arriving who need help. julio la comb just arrived having been released from the hospital for second degree burns he got when he ran out of his house. he believes if he stayed inside he might not have suffered burns. human services is trying to help find a place for him to stay tonight his family of 10. and they want to go back to see their homes for themselves. >> first lady mariah shriver came to the red cross evacuation center to-to-meet those who need help. >> are you staying here? >> no in the pred yido. >> there are lots of people who volunteered and all of the right agencies are here. but they need more therapist autos faye what areton came away empty handed. >> looking for my grandma. >> her 80-year-old grandmother, aunts and uncle were home on claremont last night and badly burned when trying to leave the house.
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she says both aunts are now at st. francis burn center in induce comas and might lose their extremities. her husband has third degree burns and he's not sure what happened to what areton's grandmother. >> he can't remember anything. it happened to fast it was in the backyard. >> the confusion and fear has bifen way to shock and frustration today. everyone just wants to get back in to see their homes or what is left of them for themselves. grace ran out of her house on foot yesterday with her 2-year-old daughter hahna. her parents, running too arriving from china for a visit that morning. >> my mom opened the curtain. there was all a big fireball. over the sky. so we just ran out. >> did you get in a car? did you run? >> no chance to get in the car. we just run, run, run. >> information about the status of individual homes is available. the mayor said it's still not the final official report. ing aness qaun says her house is okay, but knows the
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neighborhood will never be the same. >> everybody when we walk our dogs you know? everybody we see other neighbors and so, you know, it's going to be very hard to... see the devastation. >> food is not in short supply here, volunteers are not in short supply here. the san carlos lions club, millbrae lions club, redwood city lions clubbing here whachl they need are baby bottles and blood donations. and everything else, stands a risk of being turned away or sent elsewhere. if you want to help that is what they're still looking for. live in san bruno abc 7 news. >> thank you. good to know. and several factors conspired to hinder firefighting efforts. natural gas explosion ruptured a water main shutting off water to many fire hydrants in that zone. took about half an hour to reroute the main water main. firefighters went searching
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for nearest working hydrant a few thousand feet away. >> we loaded the house on the shoulders pulled a hose down. and through backyards, kicked through several fences. and it wasn't just us, we had help from public and pd. everybody was planning a very helpful hanld i was great. >> the fire chief says given the extent of the blazes he's not sure a swifter response would have made much of a difference. >> just after a natural disaster and earthquake, tornado, hurricane, people who left homes in a hurry are now anxious to get back so see what, if anything is left. many will get devastating news. some will not. vic lee is live with that story. vick? >> i want to you take a look behind me. let me step aside here. we're on the other side of the canyon. the explosion and fire happened. and there has been a lot of activity there. all day.
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firefighters busy mopping up. and there is a lot of evacuees and survivors passed by here where i'm standing hoping to get a glimpse of their homes. walter showed me images he shot just before he decided to run. the explosion happened just blocks from the home. the houses across the street were already burning. >> this is just a boom. i pell to the ground. i looked out of the windows. big, white flash he kept shooting and looked frant quickly for his dog. the flames were getting closer. >> i couldn't open my sliding door. it was just hot. i could see the paint from my deck bubbling from the heat. everybody is panicking and running down the street. >> he has been in danger's way before. he's a navy reservist and has been to afghanistan. >> we've had mortar attacks on the base there. is nudge like this explosion. nothing that would knock me to
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the ground. >> he found the dog, put him in the car and drove, quickly to safety. >> the house started rattling. i called for my younger daughter. we started to run to the middle of the house. i thought it was a big earthquake coming. >> mary was filling out forms verifying they were okay. but she, like mccaffrey barely made ut out. >> when you open the front door you felt heat. you can see flames coming over the top of house and there is a noise. i can't describe this noise. >> like many others mary was eager to see if her home is still standing. her husband thinks he got a look at it. also pressing are loved one who's are missing. >> we're looking for friends and neighbors. >> you're afraid they may be gone? >> i don't know yet. i'm just hoping is that missed communication that. is all.
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>> that whole area behind me as mentioned, dan and carolyn has been declared a crime scene no, one can go inside so-to-see if homes are still standing. at the moment, all they can do is hope. >> and there is eight people in critical condition in two hospitals now. five taken to san francisco general. four of those listed in critical condition. two treated for severe burns and two others are being treated for smoke inhalation. one patient has been released. four fire victims were taken to st. francis memorial hospital and they're all in critical condition two. have burn 50% of the their body. one, 40%. >> this nice thing is that we prepare for these events this, is what we're designed to do. so once we got communication
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in emergency rooms, everything started to fall into place. >> doctors say long term procedures go could go on for a year or two. >> and blood centers do have enough blood right now. people step up in a crisis like this. the blood centers does need universal type donor type o negative blood. they're asking people to now wait until next week to donate. >> and when we come back, 7 on your side takes a look at the insurance end of the disaster. how fast can victims rebuild? >> and important paper work that they need to dep keep. >> and in the accu-weather forecast, we have a beautiful weekend coming our way. i'll show how warm it's going to be where you are when i heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation.
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a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> a daylight look at the neighborhood sent to you report at and so those people who have fire damage who lost their homes what can they expect insurance companies to do for them today? >> this is a confusing time. how can homeowners protect their rights? there is information to help. >> i'm sure you remember there was video of starbucks. people were going there. many were hanging out because they didn't have anywhere else to go? i was watching and all i can think of hang on to receipts. homeowners suffering a loss big enough they can't live at home must be reimbursed for costs associated with fires impact. that includes cups of coffee. you can no longer make at home. all meals, hotel bills,
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clothes, you must buy and the mileage of driving back and forth from your temporary lodge must be reimbursed. this isn't just for a short time. most homeowners poll says allow for living etch penses for 18-24 months. a few shorter and that and a few longer. one expert told me today those who have suffered a total loss should expect companies to write a big check n this neighborhood, per se, $10,000 or $20,000 just to get started. a rental first month, last month, security, clothes, furniture, pots, pans, costs just pile up. now, you'll need to prove these costs sou need to keep receipts. >> good information. >> you know, there, i want to ask you a couple questions. there is speculation pg&e and someone else could be responsible. >> well, i know. people are saying doi bill them? your contract is with your insurance company. so what you do is talk to
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them. and then, you make sure to get money from them. and if someone sells responsible, it is up to the insurance company to get their money back you do have to save receipts. >> save yufr receipts. >> and document everything. >> document everything. >> okay. thank you. >> so hard to do when you're still distressed. >> oh, brother. i know. you have to. >> thank you. great information. >> thank you. >> and well, there are many ways you can help. those who are affected by the fire. we have a complete list of ways you can help on the web site. look under see it on tv. if you have video or images, you'd like to share, up load to it you report at abc 7 or e mail it. >> and we're going to leave coverage of this issue for a few moments and there is a lot more for you at 6:00 we want to turn your attention to the weather forecast. take a look at what we can expect next few day autos great weekend coming our waichl i'm sure you felt the warm up today, 80s today 90s
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tomorrow so this is warming up, we'll see sunshine. there is a live view right now from our camera. atop mount tam looking down on to richardson bay and beyond. there are blue skies and just a gorgeous late afternoon almost early evening. nudging is going to change. it's going to be like this throughout the weekend. temperatures low to mid-80s. and there is 75 in oakland. it's mild weather at the coast this, is our 24 hour temperature chaimpblg you can see east location has gained a few degrees over the readings they had at this hour yesterday. so there is more still to come. weekend going to be great. patches of fog developing tonight. we'll see warm, sunny days ahead. cooler next week, but still, mild. we're not going to have a sharp drop in temperatures. close up shows there is a shallow layer of fog near the coast. i won't say along the coast there.
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is sunshine along the coast line. it was inland as well z warm inland too. and there is animation, you can follow time line overnight. you'll see fog coming back to the coast. deepening and push just a little bit locally inland. and tomorrow, sunny skies inland. and there is some patchy fog at the coast. nappa, 48. most locations will see low to mid-50s. and there is high pressure dominating weather scene. and finally sunny skies, warm days throughout the weekend into next week. temperatures tomorrow starting in the south bay, mid 8 0es, 86 in campbell. we'll see low 80s on the peninsula. and there is mid-60s on the
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coast and downtown san francisco, tomorrow a warm up to 74 degrees in the north bay, highs into mid to upper 80s and near east bay highs, upper 70s to low 80s. and there is near monterey bay, nearly 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a stunningly beautiful weekend. temperatures dropping off but not much. it will be mild and summer like. there is no rain, just going to be summer like. >> before we move on a quick programming note here, "rookie blue" here did not air last night because of continuous coverage of the san bruno explosion and fire. i know you understand why we broke n goitsing to air
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tomorrow night at 11:35. so stay up or set your dvr. >> shocking admission for a police chief. what his force overlooked in an east bay murder spree. >> we want to share some of the photos our viewers have sent in from the san bruno fire. back in a moment. x
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hercules police chief says he's very disappointed owe that it took so long to find the body of a murder victim. the body discovered yesterday during a routine inspection by fbi crime lab agents. it was wrapped in plastic and
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hidden in a large closet believed to be that of 35-year-old frederick salas. both are believed to be victims of efran vald moreo, sheath at the end of a high seed chase. >> tomorrow's plan quran burning has been called off. sounl bay religious leaders are going ahead with an inner faith rally none theless. it's now underway, at the james mcafee plaz yachl leaders organized this rally to show support for muslim americans, as you can see from this live picture it's well attended. yesterday a florida pastor backed down on plans to burn 100 qurans. terry jones did not rule out holding the event at another time. >> and as we go to break, we want to share more images from
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our viewers of the san bruno fire. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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and our coverage of the deadly san bruno fire continues at 6:00 tonight. a pipeline crisscrossed the neighborhood and what pg&e is supposed to be doing to keep us safe. >> it's only been hours, but insurance claim process is underway what. victims say is the hardest part so far. >> disaster lessons learned. at 6:00, survivors enlisting advice to the victims of last night's blaze, coming up at 6:00. >> and before we go want to give you nornl recap of the san bruno fire. four people confirmed dead, 52 others injured including eight in critical condition. >> authorities say 38 homes were injured. and 15 acres burned in the
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